Our design team is available to assist you with any requests you may have regarding regarding size, color, shape, materials and varying pile heights.

Our customization service is free of charge.
Feel free to contact our design team at

Featured design Esterzili

Designed in Scandinavia

IInd Studio was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, 2000, since then we've created hand made rugs of the finest natural fibers available.

Featured design Brizio Crudo No 190


We're delighted to ship to over 30 countries worldwide within Europe and North America. Over the last two decades, we’ve built up an extensive network of trusted international carriers that help us ship all over the world.

Featured design Bagnolo in Piano


Materials are the foundation of our sustainability initiatives. We mainly use wool in our rugs because it is biodegradable and one of the most naturally technical materials in the world.

Additionally we source and use biodegradable and sustainably produced bamboo silk. Ethical and environmentally friendly production practices are fundamental to IInd Studio's quality standards and integral to the company’s future development.

Featured design Valley Worth